Nuxeo 5 for Developers

This post contains content migrated from my Nuxeo 5 overview.

This outline page describes how to get involved with Nuxeo 5 development. Here is a roadmap for upcoming releases. The Nuxeo EP 5.2 release slated for December 2007 seemed important in that it includes Portlet integration, WebDAV, WCM, and uses Seam 2.0 and the latest Jackrabbit release. This release has been delayed and is unlikely to be generally available before February 2008 per the last unofficial response from a lead developer.

UPDATE: A new Nuxeo blog article and the updated roadmap reference the pending release and a March 2008 release target for Nuxeo 5.2. The article announced that the next 5.1.3 release would add support for useful features like WebDAV and Portlets, which it did.

The Getting Started reference describes how to setup a development environment for working on Nuxeo EP in an Eclipse environment. There are more detailed notes outlined here or here. The developers wiki also contains useful information.

An overview of their source repository is available here. A web view of the Nuxeo Subversion source repository is available here. The main SVN trunk can be browsed here. The 5.2 branch can be viewed here. Nightly snapshots are available here, but there is not currently any snapshot of the Seam2 source, which can be checked out here:

$ svn checkout

These reference links cover Nuxeo taglibs and third-party integration options:
Some Nuxeo add-ons of interest:
  • Virtual Navigation: provides navigation built on meta-data that can be tailored to the domain, i.e. more user friendly or intuitive
Nuxeo mailing list threads of interest. It seems like the topics of using/integrating Nuxeo and a Seam web app started coming up from users in December 2007.
  • Any production sites using Nuxeo 5 yet? more...
  • how to deploy Nuxeo and Seam site and let them communicate more...
  • How can I use JBoss Seam and Nuxeo 5 together? more...
  • JBoss Portal & Nuxeo Portlets more...
S0me recent feedback from the developers:
[on WCM support] there are no public websites running on Nuxeo 5 since our focus was not on WCM (for instance our own websites, and, still run on CPS - but we're running our internal document management application on Nuxeo 5, of course). I have uploaded a presentation yesterday on SlideShare that highlights a few recent projects...

[on current limitation for co-locating Nuxeo with Seam 2.0 app] Nuxeo 5.1.2 uses Seam 1.1.5...
Other articles of interest:
Switch From Subversion to Mercurial

In March of 2008, the Nuxeo team switched from using Subversion to the distributed Mercurial. Performance was the primary reason cited for the switch.

Steps to support this change:
  1. Install Mercurial -- I used Mac Ports: $ port install mercurial)
  2. Install the ForestExtension: $ hg clone
  3. Configure your .hgrc to reference the ForestExtension
  4. Grab the Nuxeo forest: $ hg fclone

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