What's in a Name?

Welcome to my online "developer's notebook" where I will share my thoughts with colleagues and customers, and hopefully other folks interested in the topics and technologies I'll dig into.

I'm normally a wiki kind of guy. I have a Google Apps Premium account for my consulting business, and wanted to leverage that for collaboration when a new consulting project came up. Unfortunately, Google still does not offer a gWiki and their recently acquired Jotspot is not accepting new accounts.

I don't actively blog, but Google's web page app is really anemic so that was a non-starter. Nor did I want to collaborate via a 20th century word processing and spreadsheet metaphor -- cool as Google Docs is compared to MS Office bloatware! So I decided to stay in the Google family and try out Blogger.

Which brings me to this site's name.

My business partner was not impressed with my choice. Maybe I have a limited imagination. Our consulting company is named Solihull Systems Limited (aka "SSL"). Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but I needed a unique name when I was filling out government forms online. I had remembered to play the domain name game before submitting the form, not wanting to end up with a company name that was domain parked to death. There's a back story regarding my choice of Solihull (and "SSL" was a bonus), but I won't dwell on that now.

Imagine my shock -- no one had registered solihullsystemslimited.com!

I added a few oddball domains while I was at it. Was looking for the shortest possible play on the company name, but since ssl.com was taken, solimited.com was as good as it got.

When it came time to type a name into the Blogger signup page, skipping solihullsystemslimited.blogger.com was a no brainer -- and the rest is history.

What do you think?

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